Thursday, May 22, 2008

You Make My Day Award!

A few weeks ago Courtney from One of the Bunch, gave us the You Make My Day award!
Thank you so much, Courtney. You are truly a beautiful young lady and we love your blog=) and we apologize for taking so long to get this up.

Now we're supposed to pass this award on to 6 other people, but, we're only going to do 4 because some of the ones we wanted to do have already been given this award.
So, here are the ones we are passing this to:

Our Mom. You 'Make our Day' every single day. Your love for God shows everyday and we are so blessed to have you for a mom. You're the best mom in the world! We love you=)

Rebekah from By His Grace and for His Glory, You're blog is an inspiration to us, you are an amazing young woman.

Kaysie from Alabaster Box, We're so challenged and refreshed every time we visit your blog, your love for Christ shows in all that you write.

And Neesie from Take My Life , Your blog is so encouraging and refreshing, you're such a sweet young lady and are beatiful inside and out.

Autumn & Jade

Monday, May 5, 2008


We finally went to see this movie last Saturday and it was such an eye opener! Our Mom wrote a review on it that you can read over on her blog Heavenward Bound or you can just go straight to it Here.