Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It's snowing!!

We're having our first snow in our new house! We're all so excited because we lived in southern Mississippi until this past fall so we hardly ever saw snow.

Can you tell I'm not used to dressing for cold weather?

I hope ya'll have a blessed weekend!



Rebekah S. said...

It snowed here in Chattanooga, Tennesse a couple Wednesdays ago, and I nearly lost it! I was so excited. lol It was so beautiful as it was falling done that night.

Where did you guys move to? We've only been in Tennessee for 3 years; we lived in Texas before that.

Autumn S. said...

Rebekah S.,
Thank you for you sweet comments.
As a rule we are not allowed to post where we live.

But we did move from mississippi:)